George Washington's Sacred Fire (Paperback)

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The purpose of George Washington’s Sacred Fire is to prove definitively that George Washington was indeed a devout, practicing Christian. MSRP: $24.95, Our Price: $19.95
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This is the bestselling new book that has received so much press and media attention over the past weeks, which has stirred-up the status-quo historical community across the nation. Order Dr. Lillback’s groundbreaking book on the faith, values and life of the Father of our country, George Washington, and receive the hard cover first edition of the book.
George Washington - the Founding Father of our Nation – has been the subject of great confusion and debate about his faith, leading to the misconception that he was a deist. The purpose of George Washington’s Sacred Fire is to prove definitively that George Washington was indeed a devout, practicing Christian.

The book will convince readers by evidence of Washington’s own thoughts, words, and deeds. The reader will be able to articulate why Washington was not a deist and to comprehend why this fact is critical for understanding the founding of America and for insuring the future strength of America as “One Nation under God.” George Washington’s Sacred Fire will empower, enable, and defend the Christian perspective of our nation’s founding, history, documents, and future values of government and the courts. It will provide the necessary foundation for an honest, fact-based assessment of the faith and values of our founders and the government that they instituted.

Through the 15 years of sound academic and scholarly research that has gone into this book, George Washington’s Sacred Fire will supply a thorough and historically accurate definition of deism and show how it was impossible for Washington to have been a deist. The book will address and critique the evidence used by 20th century scholars to “prove” that Washington was a deist and will produce extensive primary source documents, illustrations and quotes from Washington’s own papers and those of his closest colleagues and family that will categorically refute this claim, clarifying why the faith of our founding father matters in 21st century America and beyond.

Most other books published about George Washington’s faith argue for Washington’s religious convictions based on anecdotal evidence that often either cannot be substantiated, or possess questionable authenticity. George Washington’s Sacred Fire will leave you awestruck by the faith, values and ideals of this great founder of our nation – the reader will see him as a unique role model for generations of Americans.

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