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The Doctrine of Providence declares that the world and our lives are not ruled by chance or by fate, but by God. The Providence Forum demonstrably acknowledges that the Providence of God continues to be at work and calls us to action.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to preserve, defend and advance the faith and values consistent with those of our nation's founding. The Providence Forum reaches a broad national audience using various means, including multimedia, radio, television and film, books and publications, conferences, and lectures among its many channels of communication.

The Providence Forum has been raised up to help call our nation back to its historic dependence on what both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson called "an overruling Providence.” Our Founding Father George Washington spoke of, “That overruling Providence which has so often, and so remarkably interposed in our favor.” He wrote, “you will permit me to remind you, as an inexhaustible subject of consolation, that there is a good Providence which will never fail to take care of his Children.”


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