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Click here to see the wide array of products that can be purchased from The Providence Forum.  Be sure to check out George Washington's Sacred Fire, a national bestseller, and the other books by Dr. Lillback!

The American Flag

Click here to read excerpts from a program originally presented by The Providence Forum on Flag Day, June 14, 2002. 
This site includes information about the history of the flag, its symbolic significance, historical facts and patriotic songs. 

The Great Seal of the United States

Click here to get an up close look at the Great Seal of the United States. 

If you are interested in its history, consider Lessons on Liberty which can be found in the store. It includes the history and significance of our seal along with many other fun facts. It's a great book for both the young and the curious young at heart!

Texts and Historical Documents

Click here to see the progression of documents which represent threads of freedom woven throughout modern Western political history. These documents represent the logical path from political and spiritual oppression to the freedoms we now understand to be most fully expressed in the United States Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Includes links to the documents' full text.

A Word From Our Founding Fathers

Click here to read and listen to excerpts from the "If you can keep it" radio series. These radio spots are intended to give voice to our great Founders and their beliefs, in the hope that we can reclaim what is being lost and forgotten in America: "that God governs in the Affairs of man." 

Philadelphia Faith & Freedom Guide

Click here to view the website for and learn more about this comprehensive visitors guide. Learn about the sites and locations that are the subject of decades of history, myth, and legend, and learn the true account of how America began with prayer and devotion to God. Inside the guide, Dr. Lillback discusses how the faith of our founding fathers shaped the beginnings of this city and our country.

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