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The Liberty Tree Eagle

On October 12, 2006, The Providence Forum’s Liberty Tree Eagle went on permanent display in the Grand Hall Lobby of the National Constitution Center, where it will be viewed by the museum’s estimated one million visitors each year.

Renowned master woodcraftsman, Eugene Landon, from Montoursville, Pennsylvania, carved the Eagle that spans six feet across and three feet high. Landon fashioned the eagle out of three large pieces of wood that were recovered from the last remaining Liberty Tree, which stood on the grounds of St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland, until Hurricane Floyd severely damaged it in 1999.

Liberty Trees are a part of American History that is sometimes overlooked. During the Revolutionary War-era, a Liberty Trees was designated in each of the original 13 colonies, and served as a secret meeting place for the Sons of Liberty - clandestine supporters of the American Revolution. The Boston Liberty Tree, which the British destroyed in 1775, sheltered the Sons of Liberty as they planned the Boston Tea Party. In 2001, The Providence Forum purchased the remaining salvageable pieces of wood from the Annapolis Liberty Tree, and, since then, has used the wood for such commemorative items as exclusive Bible boxes, already presented to Presidents Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush, and the US Naval Academy.

We encourage you to visit the National Constitution Center - our nation’s premier historical attraction - and see the magnificent Liberty Tree Eagle!

eagle group
From the Left: Joseph M Torsella, President and CEO of the National           
Constitution Center; Dr. Peter Lillback, President of The Providence Forum; 
Ralf Augstroze, Former Executive Director of The Providence Forum; R. David      
Yost, CEO of AmerisourceBergen; Gene Landon, artist                               

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